Replace Your Globe Valves with the Camflex GR from Masoneilan

Replace Your Globe Valves with the Camflex GR from Masoneilan

Fast Facts about the Masoneilan Camflex :

  • First introduced in 1968 the Masoneilan Camflex Rotary Globe control valve has over 1.2 Million units installed worldwide
  • Setpoint Integrated Solutions has over 40,000 Camflex Rotary Globe control valves installed across the Gulf Coast coverage area
  • Per API 553 recommended practices for Refinery valves, Camflex Rotary Globe valve is recommended in refinery distillation, FCCU, catalytic reformer, delayed coker, gas plant,, and sulfur recovery unit.
  • Camflex Rotary Globe has performed for decades in difficult applications  including brine water, dry chlorine, HCL,  Heater Drain, Saturated Steam, Ammonia, Vinyl Chloride, Vinyl Acetate, Titanium Tetrachloride, Sulfuric Acid, Sulfur, Steam Condensate, Rich Amine, Bottom Residuals, Phosphorus Trichloride, Phosphorous acid, Alumina silica acid, Nitric Acid, Dowtherm, Green and Black Liquor.
  • Camflex Rotary Globe combined with the SVI II AP SMART positioner exhibits high-resolution throttling control performance achieving .002 inch step change (2 thousands of an inch), 0% overshoot, 1.5 sec. settling time, step change time .01 sec., wait time 10 sec.
  • Higher fluid recovery factor offering more resistance to cavitation than a segmented ball control valve
  • Multiple inherent flow characteristics are available including linear, =% 30, =% 50 and customized characterized characterization when combined with SVI II AP SMARt positioner
  • Slurry service design available with o-ring sealed bearings, hardened flow gallery, protected outlet, and ceramic trim options
  • Camflex Rotary Globe offers two face to face take out lengths, ISA S75.04 Segmented Ball Valve, and ISA S75.03 Globe Valve


The Camflex Rotary Globe valve offers several advantages over reciprocating control valves
  • Standard low emission packing in compliance with ISO-15848 & ANSI/FCI 91-1
  • 50% fewer parts, 50% fewer potential leak paths, 50% lighter than a typical reciprocating globe control valve
  • Higher turndown, 100:1 turndown as compared to reciprocating globe valve with 50:1
  • Multiple CV’s available for optimum control range where only a seat ring change-ou is required
  • Unique seating design offers standard ANSI/FCI 70-2 leakage class IV & V with metal to metal sealing components
  • Standard extended bonnet allows the use of low friction TFE packing over the full operating range

Baker Hughes’ Masoneilan Camflex GR

Baker Hughes’ Masonielan Camflex valve technology has over 1.2 Million units installed worldwide in refineries, petrochemical, and chemical plants. The original Camflex design, since being introduced in 1968, has been proven to be reliable where many typical valves fail. And now, the new Camflex GR (Globe Replacement) model makes operation and maintenance even easier.

Available in six sizes, 1″/ 1.5″/ 2″/ 3″/ 4″ / 6″ in carbon or stainless steel constructions.  Models rated for three classes 150 / 300 / 600 applications

With 50% fewer parts, the Camflex GR has simpler operation, easier maintenance, and lower inventory costs for spares.   It also features 50% fewer potential leak paths for higher efficiency and lower emissions.  It is lightweight, easy to handle, and simple to commission.

The Camflex GR is designed for direct, 1-to-1 replacement of most reciprocating valves. Its compact envelop makes it easy to install in any application, regardless of which OEM made your old valve.

Camflex GR’s rotary design has several advantages over  the typical reciprocating globe valves that it replaces. At the heart of the Camflex is the double eccentric plug design.  Eccentric rotating, self-aligning plug results in reliable shutoff and fewer leaks.

The eccentric action ensures no friction or contact between the plug and seat during operation. The only time the plug contacts the seat ring is when the valve closes.  This ensures consistent and tight shut off. Additionally, the  Camflex GR has 2x the Cv of conventional globe valves which provides exceptional turn-down, or rangeablility,  to cover many process conditions.

The rotary shaft motion reduces packing friction and wear, providing tighter longterm sealing. No sliding stem results in less friction, simpler packing.  The standard EF Seal provides low emission tightness.  The integral body design eliminates the typical gasketed body, or bonnet joint, simplifying maintenance and removing a potential leak point. Fewer gasketed joins results in less chance for environmental issues.  Direct mounting of positioners provides more accurate positioning control by eliminating intermediate linkage between the valve shaft and avoiding lost motion that could otherwise be caused by wear over time.

Most importantly,  unlike traditional globe valves,  the Camflex trim is designed  so that only the seat ring changes for different Cv requirements. Combined with a simpler design with less packing and no gaskets, this means few parts to stock and manage., resulting in huge cost savings.

Camflex GR is available from Setpoint Integrated Solutions through the ValvFast program, meaning kits are in-stock and can be configured to meet your application needs in as little as 24-hours.