VKViewer provides 24/7 access to your valve data,
with valve-by-valve status reports available anytime.
+ Premier Partnerships

Partners Who Matter

The Baker Hughes ValvKeep* tool is an intuitive, easy-to-use, icon-driven software program that records the life events of your valves, providing status reports on valve health, future maintenance planning, and other resource-maximizing functions. As a premier partner with Baker Hughes, Setpoint I.S. utilizes its exclusive territory rights to use the asset management software for all its clients — with no extra fee.

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+ Key Customer Benefits

Partners Who Matter

ValvKeep Software

Setpoint I.S. offers real solutions for lifecycle management including: OEM software for sizing & selection, best practices, experience, historical data and the most powerful asset management software tool on the market to manage your valves. Think of ValvKeep as a record-tracking tool for any valve. No matter the type or the brand — LV, MOV, CV, PRV – ValvKeep records and monitors it.

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+ Cost Savings

Minimize Downtime & Optimize Efficiency

Access your VK Viewer account for Setpoint I.S.

Insights allow users to conduct preventative maintenance on their assets. With integration across most platforms, users can import and export data between ValvKeep, eliminating the need to re-key data into an ERP — thus reducing time.

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+ Real-Time Access

VK Viewer Gives You More Control

ValvKeep Access

With everything you need to know about your valve now in ValvKeep, users have access to repair updates in real-time via VK Viewer. Using a secure login, you can view only your unique data and no one else can see it. Web-based browser access allows your data in real-time, 24/7.

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