Setpoint I.S. delivers experienced professionals that provide
support that optimizes cost, reduces time and eliminates risk.


Integrated, workflow process services

While providing engineered process solutions, we focus on efficient workflow processes for Engineering, Procurement and Construction project execution, thus optimizing cost savings and minimizing risks of missed timelines from FEED estimates through completed project execution.

Our Integration Plan

Making investments on your behalf all across the Gulf South and along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Louisiana, into Alabama and beyond.  Contact us today for all of your Capital Project needs.

Setpoint I.S. delivers experienced professionals capable of providing engineering support. A flexible and dynamic approach, working off the project AML and providing cost-effective alternatives while maintaining project specifications. We also offer change management process improvements, directly reducing total installment cost (TIC).

Workflow Process Solutions

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How do we reduce EPC Risks?

Setpoint I.S. continuously works to improve and reduce risk during the integration plan, which result in cost savings.


Multiple automation vendors provide low-cost position based on incomplete engineering data.

Constrained time, missed payment milestones and potential liquidated damages.

Inconsistent manufacturer and supplier participation, impacting cost and standardization.

Exaggerated costs on purchasing, material movement, storage and shipping.

Urgency to issue Purchase Orders to obtain engineering required data (drawings, schematics, etc.)

Selecting a low cost vendor that does not reflect accurate project costs.

Mitigate Risk with Setpoint

Leverage multiple manufacturers utilizing accurate process data and bundling approach.

Workflow process greatly reduces the project timeline.

Provide single source of communication across multiple manufacturers, ensuring EPC's requirements are met.

Single source of integration allows, accountability, visibility, and predictability

Workflow process provides engineering data pre-purchase and expedited approvals ARO.

Workflow process continually evaluating estimated pricing vs. actual cost.

Available Resources

At Setpoint I.S. we have more than 260 years of combined experience, among 16 people. We offer unrivaled knowledge of valve and actuator integration, a dedicated project execution team, engineering resources and global OEM relationships.

Sizing & Selecting

Decades of experience ensures you receive the right product meeting, the appropriate requirements and project specification.

Assembly & Testing

Our team of factory trained specialists are well experienced to ensure all assets are assembled to the highest standard, while testing them in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Additional Resources Included

+ Supplier Documents
+ 3D Models
+ 2D Drawings
+ Instrument Data

Contract EPC sends over process data and basic valve requirements in both spec sheet and data dump format.

Setpoint I.S. sends back completed spec sheets as well as completed data dump based on product offering.

Time Reduction

Setpoint I.S. offers process standardization and significant project timeline reductions. We optimize efficiency between Contract EPC and Setpoint I.S. by subscribing to a variety of software tools(MateriaLink, iDocs, SmartPlant, InTools, Solidworks, etc). to minimize change orders, expediting, and omissions.

Project Execution Timeline

  • RFQ issued via portal → sent to multiple suppliers (Contract EPC)
  • Key supplier source multiple manufacturers per EPC AML for low cost position (Setpoint I.S.)
  • Identify and pre-purchase long lead items (Contract EPC + Setpoint I.S.)
  • Submit multiple offers to (Contract EPC + Setpoint I.S.)
  • Evaluate multiple vendor offers (Contract EPC) [Commercial • Technical]
  • Provide dimensional data prior to PO to support 60% model review (Setpoint I.S.)
  • As project becomes more defined, ONE purchase order issued to capture/minimize change orders and re-work (Contract EPC)