We place the highest value on the long-term relationships we
build with each and every colleague, client, and business partner.

Setpoint Integrated Solutions (IS) is the expert in the process control industry. Setpoint IS supports the Power, Refining, and Chemical industries with best in class valve repair services, delivering process solutions for control, relief, and automated valve requirements, along with industrial equipment including liquid level measurement, pressure gauges, PLC’s, and more. Setpoint Integrated Solutions, headquartered in Baton Rouge, La., is a subsidiary of Pon Holdings B.V. of the Netherlands.

Our History

Since 1959, Setpoint I.S. has  grown from a single branch location to  now having eleven branch locations across the Gulf South. We cover territory in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

Setpoint Integrated Solutions has the expertise within the process automation industry to deliver innovative services to its customers across a variety of industries.

Our Values

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    Passion to Perform

    We have the passion to perform, and we focus on tangible results. What drives us is a winning mentality. We strive to continuously improve. To achieve performance at the highest level, we work closely with our clients. We believe that performance is a team effort.

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    Act Responsibly

    We take responsibility for our actions and the consequences they may have for our stakeholders and our surroundings. We believe that our company can and must have a positive effect on the social and natural environment.

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    Trust to Act

    We are trusted to do our job, and we do it decisively. We apply our strengths, take initiative and take ownership of our work. We think not in terms of problems, but of solutions, and we allow room for creativity.

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    Make it Fun

    We’re serious about making work fun, and it’s ingrained in the way we work every day. Work should be enjoyable; that’s what we believe, and that’s how we operate. We work hard, and we share and celebrate our successes with one another.