Setpoint Integrated Solutions is a proud partner of Baker Hughes, the Masoneilan* brand is the appropriate control valve for a variety of applications. Masoneilan* Valve’s technology exceeds to protect, control, and monitor your process.

With our 10 locations across the Gulf South, from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and parts of Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, we stand ready to meet your control valve needs.

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*Registered Trademark of the Bake Hughes.

Post Guided

Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - Masoneilan Post Guided Control Valve
+ Reciprocating Post Guided Valve

A heavy top-guided unbalanced design with noise attenuation and anti-cavitation trim options.

+ Reciprocating Micro-Flow

A compact globe style valve specifically for microflow control. Available with bellows seal and anti-cavitation trim options.

Cage Guided

Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - Masoneilan Control Valve
+ Reciprocating Cage Guided Valve

Heavy duty valve design with balanced trim configurations. The cage guiding offers added stability and the versatility to offer noise attenuation and anti-cavitation solutions.

+ Reciprocating Semi-Balanced

A double ported valve with top and bottom stem guiding. This design is suitable for high-pressure drop applications where dirty fluid conditions exist.


+ Rotary Eccentric Control Valve

The original eccentric plug rotary valve combines quality performance and featrues with an economical design.

+ V-Ported Ball Valve

A high capacity control ball valve with a patented dual-characterized, segmented ball design.  It is used most often for High Viscosity fluid applications, as well as processes requiring high capacity abilities balanced with accurate control.


+ Rotary Eccentric Lined Valve

A PFA lined control valve with an eccentric rotary plug that offers tight shut off, low dynamic forces and control. This valve is suitable for hydrofluoric  and sulfuric acid applications.

General/Extreme Services

+ V-Log Trim Valve

V-Log Trim Valves can feature enlarged bodies to accommodate up to 36-stages of pressure reduction. They also can offer precise capacity control while efficiently reducing noise and outlet velocities using single or multiple cages.

+ High Pressure Letdown Valve

The high pressure liquid letdown valve is used in high pressure liquid service applications to help eliminate cavitation.

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