• Design Simplicity
  • Long-Term Reliability
  • Suitable for slurry or flashing applications
  • Automatic Throttling

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Rotary Eccentric Control Valve

Masoneilan 35002 Series

Fast Facts about the Masoneilan Camflex

  • First introduced in 1968 the Masoneilan Camflex Rotary Globe control valve has over 1.2 Million units installed worldwide
  • Setpoint Integrated Solutions has over 40,000 Camflex Rotary Globe control valves installed across the Gulf Coast coverage area
  • Per API 553 recommended practices for Refinery valves, Camflex Rotary Globe valve is recommended in refinery distillation, FCCU, catalytic reformer, delayed coker, gas plant,, and sulfur recovery unit.
  • Camflex Rotary Globe has performed for decades in difficult applications  including brine water, dry chlorine, HCL,  Heater Drain, Saturated Steam, Ammonia, Vinyl Chloride, Vinyl Acetate, Titanium Tetrachloride, Sulfuric Acid, Sulfur, Steam Condensate, Rich Amine, Bottom Residuals, Phosphorus Trichloride, Phosphorous acid, Alumina silica acid, Nitric Acid, Dowtherm, Green and Black Liquor.
  • Camflex Rotary Globe combined with the SVI II AP SMART positioner exhibits high-resolution throttling control performance achieving .002 inch step change (2 thousands of an inch), 0% overshoot, 1.5 sec. settling time, step change time .01 sec., wait time 10 sec.
  • Higher fluid recovery factor offering more resistance to cavitation than a segmented ball control valve
  • Multiple inherent flow characteristics are available including linear, =% 30, =% 50 and customized characterized characterization when combined with SVI II AP SMARt positioner
  • Slurry service design available with o-ring sealed bearings, hardened flow gallery, protected outlet, and ceramic trim options
  • Camflex Rotary Globe offers two face to face take out lengths, ISA S75.04 Segmented Ball Valve, and ISA S75.03 Globe Valve


The Camflex Rotary Globe valve offers several advantages over reciprocating control valves
  • Standard low emission packing in compliance with ISO-15848 & ANSI/FCI 91-1
  • 50% fewer parts, 50% fewer potential leak paths, 50% lighter than a typical reciprocating globe control valve
  • Higher turndown, 100:1 turndown as compared to reciprocating globe valve with 50:1
  • Multiple CV’s available for optimum control range where only a seat ring change-ou is required
  • Unique seating design offers standard ANSI/FCI 70-2 leakage class IV & V with metal-to-metal sealing components
  • Standard extended bonnet allows the use of low friction TFE packing over the full operating range

Masoneilan* 35002 Camflex* II Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve

Setting the Standard

Unlike some valves in the industry, the Masoneilan 35002 Series Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valve is not an automated valve pieced together in a valve automation shop. Its thoughtful design elevates overall product integrity and reduces the risk of component failure and process upset. Offering process plant owners and operators an exceptional control valve choice, Baker Hughes helps drive results on your key business metrics:

  • Process uptime
  • Asset utilization
  • Control performance

Simply Reliable

Uncomplicated, yet attentive to all the right details, the Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valve offers a universal integrated system of valve, actuator and positioner. The valve’s key design objectives — reducing friction, reducing drive-train slop, and mitigating component wear — are accomplished through a standard and simplified design architecture that helps this control valve reliably perform the basic functions of shut-off, throttling and emission control, over an extended lifetime.

Employing an Uncomplicated Geometry
The essentially linear flow characteristic of the Camflex II is established by the spherical geometry of the eccentric rotating plug. While the major portion of the flow curve is linear, there is a slight modification as the plug approaches the seat. As the plug cams into the seat, the rate of change in flow is gradually reduced until the plug makes full contact with the seat. This simple architecture provides the following benefits:

  • Cv Ratio of 100:1 provides stable operation over a wide range of conditions
  • Improved control at start-up (low flow/high control pressure drop)

Broadly Capable 

The Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valve is built on a standard platform with enormous versatility and breadth of application. Camflex created the eccentric plug, a true rotary globe control valve that packages the best features of a globe-style valve within rotary valve architecture. In addition, high-end features such as the extension bonnet, hardened trim, and high-performance low-emission packing are all standard, providing exceptional long-term reliability. In fact, Camflex valves regularly outperform other control valves in a variety of severely erosive applications where abrasive solids tend to tear apart other types of valves.

Custom Solutions

Optional constructions, such as the patented DVD* (Differential Velocity Device) noise reduction trim, alloy constructions and a cryogenic extension bonnet allow these valves to be tailored to fit your specific application needs. All of this combines to offer a low life cycle cost, from purchase and installation through start-up, operation and maintenance.

  • Standard platform
  • Wide-ranging applications
  • Globe-valve performance
  • Customized configurations

Field Proven

More than 1 million Camflex valves have been successfully installed and operated in a variety of process industries and applications. The latest Camflex design maintains the\ valve’s legendary dependability based on a field-proven concept that remains a standard of excellence for eccentric plug rotary control valves.

Tackling Key Challenges 

Reliable Long-Term Shut-off

With its eccentric rotating valve plug, the Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valve reduces two common valve shortcomings: excessive seal ring friction inherent in ball valves and high actuator forces required for tight shutoff of either conventional globe valves or butterfly valves.

Because of its unique seating action, the Camflex plug makes no contact with the seat until it rotates into its full closed position. Once seating occurs, continued shaft rotation causes the plug arm to flex, forcing the plug into deeper contact with the seat ensuring consistent tight shutoff. This reliable seating method reduces wear from rubbing contact, and the tight shut-off performance greatly reduces the possibility of clearance flow-induced wear or erosion. Camflex seating mechanics and resulting long-term reliable shut-off offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced rubbing – greatly reduced friction and wear
  • Improved uptime – extended maintenance cycles
  • Reduced unplanned outages and production loss

By combining eccentric plug action with a long actuation lever, this valve achieves a 3:1 force multiplication. This means that only one-third of the force required to stroke a conventional single-seated globe valve is required for the Camflex actuator to stroke against a given pressure drop.

  • Smaller actuator size
  • Faster response speed
  • Improved control performance

Environmental Emissions Compliance

Why pay extra to comply with current environmental emissions requirements? Unlike some control valves that require expensive specialized packing systems to satisfy low emission requirements, Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valves come standard with the Masoneilan EF* seal (Emissions Free seal) technology.

  • Standard at no extra cost
  • Satisfies global low emissions standards requirements
  • Simple and reliable with long life

Providing Exceptionally Reliable Control

The Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valve is manufactured to high standards using precise techniques, quality craftsmanship, advanced technology, industry knowledge and expertise, and more than 130 years of process control experience.

Combining the features and control accuracy of Camflex valves with Masoneilan digital valve positioning technology takes your control accuracy to new heights. The Masoneilan
SVI* II AP (HART®) or SVI II FF (FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus) positioners share innovative features that optimize control performance.

  • Directly connected valve shaft provides reliable mechanics
  • Patented non-contacting stem feedback promotes longterm positioning reliability
  • Patented control methods provide impressive speed and accuracy (qualified for compressor anti-surge and emergency applications)

Offering Cost-effective, Solutions for a Variety of Applications

Simply Versatile

The Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valve easily adapts to a variety of applications, offering an efficient solution at competitive prices. Standard Camflex parts are available off the shelf, allowing for product enhancements that are typically offered as options on many of our competitors’ valve products. Such unique features as the standard extended bonnet allow for operation within a wide temperature range.

Globe Replacement (GR) Body

The optional “GR” (Globe Replacement) body configuration provides a longer body face to face dimension that matches most traditional globe control valves. This allows direct replacement of those valves without the need for piping modifications or spool pieces.

Broad Trim Size Selection

Unlike ball valves that typically offer only one trim size (Cv rating) per valve size, this valve is offered with full-area and at least two reduced-capacity options per size. In most cases, changing the Cv rating of a Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valve requires only a simple change of the seat ring, rather than the complex replacement of multiple and often
expensive parts required for a Cv change of a conventional globe valve.

  • Cost-effective Cv changes compared to conventional globe valves
  • Available in 1-inch through 16-inch sizes from Cv of 0.5 to Cv of 3650
  • Optimized trim selection improves control performance and durability

Low Noise Solution

Camflex II valves are available with patented Masoneilan DVD (Differential Velocity Device) noise reduction trim. This highly efficient yet economical low noise solution applies a concept from turbo-fan jet technology. The DVD device uses larger diameter outer holes to create a lower velocity annular flow stream around the flow area perimeter. This lower velocity flow stream reduces noise transmission from the higher velocity inner flow, resulting in lower external noise levels.

  • Simple construction
  • Efficient noise abatement
  • Easy to retrofit

Severe Service Capability (High Temp, Low Temp, Erosive, Corrosive)

Since not all control applications involve easy-to-handle or non-hazardous fluids, we offer cost-effective valve options that tackle the challenges presented by extremely high or low temperatures, or corrosive/erosive fluid streams.

Standard Camflex II valves handle temperatures up to 750° F (400° C) using low-friction TFE packing. This is a big improvement over many competing designs that require graphite packing above 450° F (232° C), greatly increasing stem friction and reducing control accuracy. Its hardened trim handles mildly abrasive applications with ease. In addition, these valves include options that excel under even harsher conditions:

  • Cryogenic Extended Bonnet option is available for use in applications to -320°F (-212°C).
  • Steam Jacket construction available to maintain minimum flowing temperature
  • Ceramic Trim option handles more severe erosive applications
  • Alloy Construction is available for highly corrosive services
  • High Temperature constructions available to extend the application range
  • Flashing Trim option

Tight Shut-off

Optional soft seat. ANSI Class V for reciprocating or Class VI or better for rotary.

Enhanced Control Performance

Camflex II eccentric plug rotary control valves effectively offer a combination of superior control performance, simplicity, and long-term reliability over a broad range of applications. Our value is evident when you compare our valve with the competition.

The unique, self-aligning Camflex II eccentric rotating plug provides tight shutoff and low dynamic forces. A large variety of reduced-trim options are available in all sizes. Straight through flow pattern provides greater flow capacities.

The Camflex II eccentric rotary globe control valve effectively combines enhanced control performance, simplicity and long-term reliability for a broad range of applications.

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