Setpoint Integrated Solutions is proud to represent top tier OEM partner Flowserve Durco.  Through our partnership, Setpoint IS is able to offer a variety of plug valves that meet the needs of different applications.

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Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - Lined Plug Valve
+ Lined Valves

Durco® T4E valves provide maximum corrosion resistance while eliminating product contamination at a reasonable cost. They are available with pneumatic or electric actuators for on-off or modulating control applications.

+ G4
  • Large seal area
  • Simple in-line adjustment
  • Static/dynamic stem seal which energizes if exposed to pressure
  • Available with TFE, TM, UHMWPE, TMHT sleeves
  • Available in G4B, G4Z, G4BZ
QV mach 1 Flowserve
+ QV
  • Large seal area
  • In-line repairable design (machined bowl)
  • Static/dynamic stem seal which energizes if exposed to pressure
  • PFA sleeve with stainless insert for support is standard (Hast C insert available)
  • Alternate sleeves/port seals exist
  • Available in QVB, QVZ, QVBZ


Setpoint I.S. Manual Valves
+ TSG4
  • Enhanced fugitive emissions design – best level of sealing
  • Available with PTFE or graphite (firesealed) packing
  • PTFE packing design is live loaded for temperature cycling
  • Available with all sleeves
Setpoint I.S. Manual Valves
+ G4/QV B (Marathon)
  • Enhanced stem seal (o-rings)
  • Fugitive emissions design at lower cost than TSG4
Setpoint I.S. Manual Valves
+ G4/QV Z (Firesealed)
  • Graphite/Metal firesealed design
  • API 607 External Leakage qualified
Setpoint I.S. Manual Valves
  • UOP/Phillips approved design
  • Firesafe as standard, B (Marathon encouraged as an adder)
  • Monel Body/Plug (Hast C Plug Possible)
  • Available with all sleeves
  • Receive API 598 seat test and kerosene shell test
Setpoint I.S. Manual Valves
+ MG4 (Three-way)
  • Three way design
  • 90 degree or 180 degree rotation possible
  • Available in all external seal configurations as standard G4
Setpoint I.S. Manual Valves
+ Jacketed Valves
  • Available with full or partial steam jacket
  • Jacket rated to 150 psi saturated steam

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