Control Spare Valve Lead Times & Manage Repair Costs


In critical industrial processes where safety relief valves are essential, having a spare pool ensures uninterrupted operation. If a relief valve fails or needs maintenance, it can be quickly replaced with a spare, preventing potential production losses. Setpoint’s customized spare pool valve program offers customers peace of mind by reducing downtime, reducing the expenses of repairs, and enabling customers to maintain smooth operations. Spare Pool Valve Storage provides quick access to your pressure relief valves, that are essential to keeping your facility safe and productive.  

Replace critical valves faster with spare that are set and tested and ready to be tagged. 

Optimal visibility and transparency with 24/7 access to real-time valve status through ValvKeep Viewer. View test reports and images online in our asset management system. 

Reduce labor costs when emergencies happen and reduce the number of spares required through our asset optimization tools. 

Modify valves to satisfy new process requirements with the spare parts and technical support that you need to keep your facility operating. 

Indoor spare PRVs and valve parts at Setpoint Integrated Solutions


We store your valves in an
indoor, secure, and controlled storage area away from harsh weather conditions. Each spare valve has dedicated racking and a designated location for organization and accessibility. Valve location can be tracked using our powerful asset management tool, ValvKeep Viewer.


Because we understand that peace of mind is important to our customers, we are committed to providing unparalleled service to consistently exceed your expectations. Our spare pool valve program is a partnership you can always depend on for quality and timely PRV management and services.

World class technical and application support from our team of engineers at both Setpoint and Baker Hughes.

Certified Dual Media valves and trim conversion kits readily available to optimize performance in liquid and gas services. 

FREE PRV training for all customers enrolled in our spare pool program. 

Our PRV technicians are the most experienced in the industry and can repair any valve from any manufacturer. 

Contact Setpoint today to help you plan, manage, and execute your spare pool program.