Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - Masoneilan Post Guided Control Valve
  • Rugged, heavy top plug guiding globe valve
  • Optimum control performance
  • Repairable in line
  • Single and Double Stage Lo-dB / Anti-Cavitation Trim
  • For a wide range of automated process control applications with different specifications
  • Direct Replacement for the Masoneilan 2600 model

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Reciprocating Post Guided Valve

Masoneilan 21000 Series

Masoneilan* 21000 Series – Top-Guided Globe Valve with Lo-dB*/ Anti-cavitation Capabilities

Optimum control performance for a wide range of automated process control applications

21000 Series Globe Style Control Valves


Baker Hughes offers the Masoneilan 21000 Series heavy top-guided
globe valve for a wide range of automated process control applications.
The 21000 Series product line features a single-ported
design configuration, which permits numerous trim, actuation,
and instrumentation solutions including:

  • Lo-dB* Noise Attenuation
  • Anti-Cavitation
  •  Reduced Capacity & Low Flow Trim
  • Cryogenic Configuration
  • Tight Shut-off
  • Environmental Packing
  •  Advanced Digital Positioning & Control


Rugged top-guiding of the plug promotes enhanced valve stability under adverse conditions. The inherent ruggedness of the 21000 Series is field-proven, with thousands of units installed in process control plants around the world operating successfully with various fluids under mild and extreme conditions.

High Performance

The combination of trim designs, actuator stability, shut-off capabilities, and precise valve positioning offers optimum control performance. Masoneilan 21000 Series is also available in various materials, pressure ratings, and end connections offering a complete high-performance valve platform.

The simple construction and flexible design features of the 21000 Series help to lower maintenance costs and extends product life cycles. This versatile product line helps customers to solve a multitude of control valve application problems using a common platform.

Key Features 

Model 87/88 – Spring Diaphragm Actuator

  • Compact Multi-Spring Design Reduces
    Stem-Side Loading
  • Field-Reversible Construction
  • Rolling Diaphragm Helps to Reduce Friction and Wear
  • Constant Effective Area for Smooth Linear Control
  • Four Sizes Available Covering Large Thrust Range
  • Four Standard Spring Ranges for Wider Application Envelope
  •  Side-Mounted Handwheel Option


Design Flexibility

  • Multiple End Connections
  •  Various Materials
  • Angle Body Configuration
  • Bellows Seal Design
  • Piston Actuation Option
  • Extension Bonnets
  • Cryogenic Configuration
  • Low-Emissions Packing
  • DIN Version Available


Heavy Top Guiding

  • Larger Post Guide Area for Increased Stability
  • Positioned Outside of Direct Fluid Flow Path
  • Offers More Reliable Control Performance

Various Trim Options

  • Single- and Double-Stage Low Noise and Anti-Cavitation Trim
  • Standard Hardened Trim (Stellited or Equivalent Trim)
  • Quick-Change or Threaded Seat Rings
  • Reduced Capacities and Low-Flow Trims
  • Equal Percentage and Linear Characteristics
  •  UOP Lockhopper Trim
  •  Soft-Seat Design


Customer Benefits

Reduced Noise Levels 

The optional Lo-dB trim designs offer single-stage and doublestage noise attenuation benefits. Noise reduction levels of up to 25 dBA are possible, depending on the specific operating conditions.

Extended Life Cycle

Optional Anti-Cavitation trim is also available in single-stage and double-stage configurations. Proper control of dynamic cavitation conditions is extremely important for maintaining the continuous high performance and reliability of control valves.

Lower Costs

Dependable tight shut-off of a control valve helps to reduce the loss of process fluids, and can help eliminate the need for separate isolation valves. The optional soft-seat design provides bubble-tight shutoff capabilities in accordance with ANSI/FCI and IEC requirements.

Clean Air Compliance
The optional LE* (Low Emission) Packing system helps to reduce atmospheric emissions from the stem seal area. This unique feature helps to promote compliance with environmental safety and emissions control requirements.

Hazardous Emissions Control
The optional Bellows Seal configuration is well-suited for applications involving highly toxic and dangerous fluids. Positive sealing and extended life-cycle operation combine to promote reliable and safe operation.

Low-Temperature Operation
The 21000 Series valve is also available in a cryogenic configuration for effective process control performance at extremely low-temperature conditions. This is accomplished by using a combination of extended bonnets and construction materials.

Improved Process Yields
The 21000 Series can be equipped with various Masoneilan advanced digital positioners and controllers for enhanced performance and control. This results in improved process yields and real-time diagnostics capabilities to support predictive plant maintenance programs. Baker Hughes offers the Masoneilan SVI* II AP (Advanced Performance) with HART® communications and the Masoneilan SVI FF for FOUNDATION® Fieldbus applications. Both instruments are available in single- or double-acting configurations and offer advanced control technology to provide enhanced precision for pneumatically actuated control valves. We also offer the Masoneilan Valvue* Software Suite for PC-based communications with these advanced devices.


Product Specification

The 21000 Series single ported unbalanced trim, heavy top guided control valves are designed with built-in versatility making them well suited to handle a wide variety of process applications. 21000 Series valves are available in various materials including those that meet NACE Compliance.

Balanced trim design Smaller actuators reduce overall assembly size and weight, Heavy cage-guided construction, Heavy guiding of the plug enhances throttling control performance, Few soft goods…reliability & low maintenance, Standard solutions to control noise, cavitation & valve leakage, Versatile valve technology, Robust construction, Long-term smooth operation, Process control, and High process yields.

Sizes: 3/4” through 8” (20 through 200 mm)

Ratings & Connections: flanged: ANSI 150 – 2500, UNI-DIN 10 – 400; welded: BW or SW; screwed: NPT 3/4” through 2” (20 through 50 mm)

Body Material: carbon steel; stainless steel; chrome-moly

Actuators: model 87/88 multi-spring diaphragm; cylinder

Trim: single-seat plug top guided; Lo-dB and anti-cavitation trims, single or double stage are available

Inherent Characteristics: linear or equal percentage

Description: The 21000 Series control valve is a heavy top-guided unbalanced design with noise attenuation and anti-cavitation trim options.

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