• Types: cast, one piece, top entry
  • Sizes range from 1″ to 3″ 150Lb
  • Material: all ductile iron
  • Lining: PFA, translucent, melt processed.
  • For corrosive applications
Rotary Eccentric Lined Valve

Masoneilan 31000 Series

The Masoneilan 31000 Series is a PFA-lined control valve with an eccentric rotary globe plug that features tight shut-off capability, low dynamic forces, and control. This valve offers a solution for aggressive acids that tend to cause bellows permeation problems in reciprocating designs. Although a rotary product, the 31000 series has a reciprocating face to face.


  • Description: Complete PFA or solid PTFE encapsulation of all metal components shields against chemical corrosion for long service life in harsh chemical environments.
  • Size: 1″ through 3″ (25 through 80 mm)
  • Ratings & Connections:  Flanged ANSI 150, UNI-DIN 10 – 16
  • Body Materials: Cast iron PFA lined
  • Actuator: Model 35 spring-opposed rolling diaphragm
  • Trim: Eccentric rotary plug

Inherent Characteristics: Linear

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