Setpoint Integrated Solutions speaks to Baton Rouge Metro Council in Support of Exxon’s ITEP Approval

Setpoint Integrated Solutions Speaks to Baton Rouge Metro Council in Support of Exxon's ITEP Approval

Statement from Jeff Kelley, Vice President at Setpoint Integrated Solutions, to the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council in support of Exxon’s BRPO project receiving ITEP approval

Baton Rouge, LA (October 10, 2018) – As a Vice President at Setpoint Integrated Solutions, I’m here to speak in support of Exxon’s BRPO project receiving its ITEP approval.

Setpoint provides products and valve services to the petrochemical, refining, and power markets, and since its founding in 1959 has called Baton Rouge home. As a leading company in the valve services industry, with over $200 Million in annual revenue, we are committed to supporting industrial growth that programs like ITEP encourage.

While our business has grown to cover the entire Gulf Coast region, we maintain our headquarters in Baton Rouge along Highland Rd. Looking at the Highland Rd area alone, there are multiple other peer companies who operate in the same business sector, providing similar products and valve services as Setpoint; so, while I am here as an officer of Setpoint, I feel I am also speaking on behalf of the valve service and distribution industry as a whole for the metro region.

At the end of the day, like any other business that relies on industry, our ultimate role is to provide for our employees, giving them a safe, stable, and prosperous career path. Setpoint employs 715 permanent employees with over 145 located within the Baton Rouge Metro area. These employees represent a diverse range of backgrounds and professions: from welders and machinists to engineers and accountants.

It is clear that a company like Exxon will need to have an economic justification to support their capital investment regardless of the final location. Importantly, what city and state they choose to invest in whether it’s Corpus Christi, TX – Baytown, TX – Beaumont, TX, or ideally Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We need Exxon and the other companies watching this process closely to choose not only Louisiana as the destination for their next project, but specifically to invest in Baton Rouge.Thank you for allowing me time to speak and I appreciate the consideration and support of Exxon’s ITEP application.

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