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Setpoint Integrated Solutions Announces New Consolidated Green Tag Center in Baton Rouge

Setpoint Integrated Solutions Announces New Consolidated Green Tag Center in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Setpoint Integrated Solutions (Setpoint I.S.), an industrial supplier of engineered process control solutions, announces the opening of its new Consolidated Green Tag Center (GTC) for safety relief valve assembly and repair at its corporate headquarters in Baton Rouge, La.

“Our new GTC in Baton Rouge will help position us for continued growth in this region,” said Terry Gill, Vice President of Operations. “We continue to focus on providing expanded services to our existing clients and we welcome our new clients from the region who are looking for one stop for all their service needs,” added Gill.

The GTC designation came after the Baton Rouge facility’s newly acquired VR (Valve Repair) accreditation from The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section I and VIII assembler certifications. The Green Tag Center investment of nearly $600,000 expands Setpoint I.S.’ repair capabilities in Baton Rouge by adding safety relief valve services to its control valve and MOV repair services in a 40,000 square foot service center. This designation gives Setpoint I.S. its seventh GTC nationwide.

“The new safety relief valve (SRV) repair capability and added application experts will give us the opportunity to provide relief valve assembly and repair services in a much closer proximity to many of our clients in this region,” said Rocky Carter, General Manager of Services for Setpoint I.S.’ Baton Rouge facility. “Our clients trust that we have the technical expertise, the facilities and the capabilities to handle anything from large outages to routine maintenance,” added Carter.

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About Setpoint Integrated Solutions

Setpoint I.S. engineers, sells and services products ranging from control valves and process automation equipment to relief valves and industrial filtration and provides a full range of site services and immediate technical support. Setpoint I.S., headquartered in Baton Rouge, La., is a subsidiary of Pon Holdings B.V. of the Netherlands.


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Setpoint I.S.’ Urgent Response Saves Millions for Customer

Setpoint I.S.’ Urgent Response Saves Millions for Customer

Dow Chemical was on the verge of losing $1 million a day as two of their 8” Camflexes needed to be pulled and repaired. Dow contacted Michael Hall of Setpoint I.S. and he had them expedited to the La Porte shop at 8:00 that night.

“The difficulty of repairing these quickly was compounded by their out of-the-ordinary construction and design. One was a high flow camflex that is very rare and difficult to source parts for,” Hall stated.

During this time La Porte was at full capacity and under heavy pressure from customers for delivery on other repairs.

“We had techs, shipping, and repair coordinator stay late waiting on the valves. Once torn down and inspected, we were able to quote and build a replacement for one valve, as well as repair the other valve to meet the customers need until a replacement can be sourced,” Hall continued.

While working after hours to meet Dow’s demand, the entire team at the La Porte facility pulled together and finished the repair.

“Finally, on Saturday, a third valve began to have issues, and we were able to help the customer troubleshoot and fix via phone to get the plant running.”

Following Setpoint’s response, Jimmy Unger of Dow Chemical submitted a QSPP, which is Dow’s method for reporting unordinary service or equipment failure. They are seen globally and a positive QSPP is rare.

Here is what Unger wrote in his QSPP report, “Setpoint did a great job of utilizing their resources and personnel to make sure we received our valves in a timely manner to the point that the shop repair folks worked around the clock for us. They were also very flexible with us when we changed our direction on what we wanted to do with one of valves at the last minute.”

Louisiana Valve Source Releases Sup-R-Seal Gate Valve

Louisiana Valve Source Releases Sup-R-Seal Gate Valve

YOUNGSVILLE, La. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Louisiana Valve Source (LVS), a nationwide leader in valve repair and remanufactured process equipment, announced the release of its engineered gate valve for the midstream pipeline market.

LVS designed the Sup-R-Seal Model ES Gate Valve per the specification for pipeline valves, API 6D. This solution for oil and gas markets is a through conduit expanding gate valve for diverse applications ranging from liquid and slurry piping systems to crude oil and natural gas liquids transport. Improved reliability and availability of the Sup-R-Seal is achieved with capabilities such as in-line repair, custom packing set design, smooth flow conduit, seat face protection and double block and bleed capability.

“The double block and bleed capability helps reduce the number of potential leak paths to meet the more stringent EPA regulations,” said Justyn Durand, Product Manager for Sup-R-Seal Gate Valve. “The fully protected seat faces in both the open and closed positions allow for extended life of the seats,” added Durand.

“For years we’ve offered our clients superior service and the highest quality in remanufactured valves. Now, we’re excited to offer our clients an original, engineered product that we’ve manufactured right here in the United States,” said Brad Bergeron, President and CEO of LVS. “Utilizing the Sup-R-Seal ultimately reduces the need for two separate valves, and therefore offers a more-cost effective solution by lowering maintenance costs, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership,” added Bergeron.

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About Louisiana Valve Source
Louisiana Valve Source (LVS), headquartered in Youngsville, La., is a subsidiary of Setpoint Integrated Solutions, a leading integrated solutions and services provider in the process control industry. LVS manufactures gate valves and provides complete solution packages of remanufactured process equipment supported by a full range of services. For more information on LVS’ products, services and locations, please visit

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