Why Should You Insist on Original Consolidated Parts?

Why Should You Insist on Original Consolidated Parts?

With so many options available in the after market for replacement parts, why should you insist on original Consolidated parts?

Quality, Safety, and Dependability, all delivered by OEM Certified Service.

Consolidated OEM parts are expertly developed, and rigorously tested.*

For more than 100 years,  Consolidated has been delivering exceptional quality, safety and dependability, and the Original Consolidated Parts program continues this tradition. Expertly developed, rigorously tested, and built for specific applications, Original Consolidated Parts are designed for years of reliable, cost-effective performance. Additionally, at Setpoint Integrated Solutions,  these Original Consolidated Parts are installed by factory-certified GTC* Technicians who make certain the job is done right.

So when it comes to maintenance, don’t be tempted by seemingly cheaper aftermarket services and parts that could end up costing you more by jeopardizing up-time, longevity and low cost of ownership.

Baker Hughes is an OEM that is  Committed to Research, Development and Testing*
Baker Hughes invests thousands of dollars and years of effort into the development of each
Consolidated valve, but they don’t stop there.  They  put valves through strenuous testing to ensure that our parts meet the strictest quality standards in the most extreme conditions and situations. Many other companies do not have a research and development department, and in most cases, other companies  simply don’t spend a fraction of the time, money and brainpower Baker Hughes  does to craft the highest quality products. What’s worse, other companies may make substitutions with cheaper materials that can cause parts to wear faster—resulting in dangerously diminished performance.

Sophisticated Parts Development*

Equipped with advanced tools, equipment and technology, Consolidated research and development and testing facilities support some of the most sophisticated parts development and quality assurance initiatives. Our world-class ISO 19001-certified sites are outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery, laboratories, test facilities and our team of engineers and experts applies best industry practices and processes to create exceptional products.

Increase Performance, Extend Service Life.* 

Original Consolidated Parts are meticulously engineered and manufactured.
Baker Hughes takes quality further by engineering valve parts to meet exact application
specifications through a variety of specialized construction techniques, processes,
treatments and materials.

Any slight deviation from the original design, materials or critical treatment processes can result in problems such as corrosion, cracking, poor positioning control or sealing performance and shorter service life. More importantly, design alterations—including unintentional ones—could pose serious safety threats. Don’t substitute, insist on Consolidated OEM parts from Setpoint Integrated Solutions.

Do Not Take Unnecessary Risks w/ Parts other than Original Consolidated Parts*

Do you know the exact tolerance applied to a part face and the thickness needed
to provide the endurance and sealing for a relief valve?  Setpoint Integrated Solutions does.  There is no reason to risk this and jeopardize the local code requirements which demand the use of OEM parts and certificates of compliance for critical parts.

Protect Your Investment*

All parts are not created equal.  Only genuine Consolidated parts are manufactured to the exacting requirements of the original valve. That means only genuine Consolidated parts deliver the most reliable and safest long-term performance, prevent unscheduled downtime, and minimize the need for costly, time-consuming repairs. Consolidated parts ensure that your valve warranty remains intact and that you can breathe easier knowing that your valve will perform in its time of need. Protect your valve investment, work with Setpoint Integrated Solutions and  look for the Consolidated name on the part or packaging. Demand nothing less.

 Certified Green Tag Centers* 

Consolidated’s Certified Green Tag Centers (GTC*) are the industry standard.  Each GTC location is staffed with highly qualified technicians who are skilled in delivering exceptional support and technical expertise. Plus,  GTC operations are equipped with machine tools and inspection facilities as well as assembly, paint and test equipment—all backed by Baker Hughes for the assurance of quality.

Globally recognized and in compliance with ISO 9000 standards, you can be sure when you see the GTC emblem that you have hired the right resource to handle your critical needs.

As the world’s largest Consolidated channel partner for Baker Hughes, Setpoint Integrated Solutions has  10 Green Tag Centers (GTC) and years of experience in repairing Consolidated Valves with Consolidated OEM parts.  Call Setpoint Integrated Solutions today to ensure that you increase performance, extend service life, and protect your investment with OEM certified parts and service on your Consolidated valves.

*This post adapted from Consolidated Parts Brochure – GEA33144A found here.