What Are Key Factors in Choosing a Sight Flow Indicator?

What Are Key Factors in Choosing a Sight Flow Indicator?

Jacoby Tar Box

When choosing a sight flow indicator, there are questions that need to be asked regarding the design and performance of the sight flow indicator for the given application.

Some of the most important are:

  • Does the sight flow indicator maximize your production?
  • Do the threads within the sight flow indicator gall?
  • How high is the pressure rating on the sight flow indicator?
  • Does the sight flow indicator maximize your view?

The answers to these questions should lead you toward choosing the most appropriate sight flow indicator available for the given application. One of the sight flow indicators that Setpoint Integrated Solutions represents is the Hygienic Sight Flow Indicator, by Jacoby Tarbox, a product of Clark-Reliance, and can answer all of these questions, because cleanability matters.  With this product you can achieve controlled intrusion meeting ASME-BPE’s strictest requirements by employing ASME BPE dimensions and design principles,  precision-bore borosilicate glass, and tightly tolerance EHEDG inspired O-ring capture.

The T100-Hy-Sight hygienic sight flow indicator sets itself apart from other sight flow indicators because it does maximize your production by shortening cleaning cycles and preventing product loss.

It also features ACME No-Gall Threads for easy maintenance and eliminates the potential for cross-threading.  It has a positive stop design that eliminates over-compression of O-Ring into tube bore and it has no exposed threads to trap debris.

The Jacoby-Tarbox Hy-Sight has the highest safety factor versus system design pressure and replaces bulls-eye units improving the cleanability while saving space and cost.

Finally, the Hy-Sight and Full View Hy-Sight options maximize your view while providing maximum process visibility and allowing you to see unique ,”must see” process conditions.

*Information and video adapted from here.