Do you know which Pressure Gauges are Suitable for Ammonia Applications?

Ammonia Applications Have Specific Requirements to Ensure Safety

Do you know which pressure gauges are suitable for Ammonia applications?

Ammonia service is very severe and can have an impact on all materials that make up the components which Ammonia encounters within a process. It is important then to know which materials are suitable for Ammonia Applications. Below we spotlight one of our OEM partners, Ashcroft Inc., and explain which Pressure Gauges are suitable for Ammonia Applications.

Ammonia is a common refrigerant used in many commercial installations. It is also used as a fertilizer in the form of a gas or water solution. When using a gauge to measure pressure in an ammonia application, it is critical that the wetted parts of the gauge are compatible with the process.

Proper selection of wetted parts is especially important since ammonia is poisonous! OSHA/NIOSH lists 500ppm as immediately dangerous to life and health. The only acceptable wetted parts material for gauges used in ammonia applications are stainless steel or steel.

A gauge with bronze/brass wetted parts is not suitable for ammonia applications since ammonia may cause the bronze/brass wetted parts to stress-crack and cause a gauge failure.  Setpoint Integrated Solutions offers a variety of Ashcroft gauges suitable for ammonia applications. When ordering a gauge for ammonia service, the wetted parts of choice are 316 SS.

Setpoint Integrated Solutions is proud to partner with Ashcroft Inc. The above information comes from Ashcroft Inc. 

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