Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - SVI-II AP
+ Smart Hart Positioner

SVI* II AP (Smart Valve Interface, Advanced Performance) is a 32 bit microprocessor digital valve positioner with a local interface that controls a pneumatic actuator using a two-wire 4-20mA control signal.

Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - Pneumatic Positioners
+ Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

The Model 4700E (Electric) and 4700P (Pneumatic) are field proven positioners utilizing a precision feedback cam to provide accurate positioning, very fast response, and customized control characteristics for control valves.

Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - Digitsl Level Transmitter
+ Digital Level Transmitter

The Masoneilan 12400 Series instrument is a two-wire, loop-powered level transmitter with Hart communication that operates according to the fully proven buoyancy and torque tube principles.

Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - Rotary Electric Switch
+ Switches and Transmitter

Series 496 rotary switches are used for electrically indicating one or two predetermined positions in the stroke of a control valve.

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