• Atomac
Lined Control Valves

Atomac provides ball valves that are corrosion resistant fluoropolymer lined valves.
Atomac valves provide bubble-tight shutoff, low maintenance, no-leak
stem seals and the safety assurance of a blowout-proof stem assembly. For
performance, safety and reliability, Atomac is the valve of choice.

AKH2 Full Port: Minimizes pressure loss and increases
flow capacity to reduce energy and pumping costs. 1⁄2 in (15 mm) through
12 in (300 mm). DIN dimensional only– not available to ASME dimensions.

AKH2A ANSI Full Port: Same benefits as AKH2 in an ASME
dimensional valve. 1 in (25 mm) through 6 in (150 mm).

AKH3 Standard Port: ASME dimensional valve permits
replacement of present valves with no need to alter existing piping. 1 in
(25 mm) through 12 in (300 mm).

Available Options:

  • Control Valves: Characterized ball available for
    throttling applications.
  • Extended Packing: Fully lined stuffing box with purge
    connection and live-loading for
    additional fugitive emission protection
    available on AKH2, AKH2A and AKH3
    (TA Luft Certified).
  • Chlorine Service: Specially prepared and trimmed per
    Durco standard chlorine cleaning procedure.
  • Stem Extensions: Allow for insulation of valve.
  • Atomac/Automax® Rotary Control Valve Packages: Precision control, corrosion resistance, positive stem sealing, and bubble tight shut-off in a low torque rotary control valve at a fraction of the cost of traditional rising stem valves.

Chad Laird – Isolation Valves & Automation
Technical Sales Manager
p. (346)-954-4900