Setpoint Baton Rouge, LA - Masoneilan 36005
  • Highest Rated Flow Capacities
  • Automatic Throttling Capability with flexible shutoff options
  • Patented dual-characterized V-port ball
  • Equal percentage flow characteristics
  • Greater than 500:1 turndown increases rangeability
V-Ported Ball Valve

Masoneilan 36005 Series

The 36005 Series V-Max High Capacity Control Ball Valve comes standard with 3 types of seat options:

  1. MN-7 Seal Ring – This low-friction polymeric seal ring provides reliable Class VI shutoff capability.
  2. 316 Stainless Steel Seal Ring – This unique seal ring design does not require shims. It achieves Class IV shutoff and higher temperature capability when combined with satellite bearings and flexible graphite packing.
  3. Optional Heavy-duty Metal Seal Ring – This optional (NPS1-6) heavy duty seal ring provides long service life in harsh applications. The wiping action of the seal ring against the ball prevents buildup of contaminants, helping maintain long-term performance and reliable Class IV shutoff.

For more information contact the product manager.

Renee Mallar, Product Manager
p. (281) 785-9625