We take training and education seriously by providing
professional valve training in Louisiana and Texas.

Technical Courses

Setpoint I.S. offers training that is convenient for you with state-of-the-art facilities in Baton Rouge, LA; La Porte, TX; Port Arthur, TX. All courses include a full tour of our training facilities and a question-and-answer testing session at the end of each course to test the knowledge learned during training.  Setpoint Integrated Solutions has the flexibility to accommodate your specific training needs, contact us at (225) 753.3290 to schedule training today.

Control Valve Training Level 1

This course is designed to familiarize application personnel with basic control valve theory and application.


Control Valve Training Level 2

This course is designed to familiarize application personnel with control valve application and selection.


Control Valve Training Level 3

This course is designed to provide application application personnel with in-depth knowledge of control valves and their interaction within the overall process.


Safety Relief Valve Training

All participants of this course will have a complete working knowledge of Safety Relief Valves and the terminology associated with SRV’s, the ASME Sec I, and ASME Sec VIII code.


Control Valve Signature Diagnostics

This course id designed to teach theoretical analysis of Control Valve signatures to those who diagnose and troubleshoot Control Valve performance using diagnostics data and tests.



Valve Diagnostics
Safety Relief Valves
Process Automation
Control Valves


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