Why are Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves Required for Tank Protection?

Press Vac Relief Valve

Why Are Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves Required for Tank Protection ?

Why Are Pressure/ Vacuum Relief Valves Required For Tank Protection?
•   Saves money by saving product
•   Minimizes evaporation emissions
•   Protects tank from over or under pressure when sized properly
•   Protection against fire hazard when conforming to API standards
•   Reduces atmospheric corrosion of tank
•   Generally required by OSHA, EPA, etc.

Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves are protection devices typically mounted on a nozzle opening on the top of a fixed roof atmospheric storage tank. Their primary purpose is to protect a tank against rupture or implosion by allowing the tank to breathe, or vent, when pressure changes in the tank due to normal operations.

Setpoint Integrated Solutions provides an entire line of products that will meet your specific application needs. One of those products is the Groth Model 1200A  Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve.

The Model 1200A is designed to protect your tank from damage created by overpressure or excessive vacuum. Costly product evaporation losses due to normal tank “breathing” are greatly reduced. Because the Model 1200A retains toxic vapors, atmospheric contamination is minimized. This helps to provide increased fire protection and safety.

Model 1200A also offers Groth’s special “cushioned air” seating. Superior performing fluoropolymer seating diaphragms are standard to minimize sticking caused by resinous vapors and atmospheric moisture.

Additionally, the Model 1200A has a self draining housing body and drip rings to protect seating surfaces from condensate and freezing. This design also avoids dangerous pressure or vacuum buildup due to binding or clogging of the valve. Buna-N, FKM and other seating diaphragms can be provided when required. To insure the proper alignment of seating surfaces, there is peripheral guiding and a center stabilizing system.

Setpoint Integrated Solutions has nine Groth Authorized Repair Dealers (GARD) facilities.  Working with a Setpoint IS GARD facility,  customers can be confident that repairs to Groth Corporation products are made to original factory specification with original parts. Setpoint IS will also conduct site audits with customers for technical product assistance and has  inventory on-hand to quickly and effectively conduct equipment maintenance and repairs.

Being the certified OEM repair dealer allows you to reduce long term maintenance costs by ensuring your repairs are made with OEM parts and by OEM certified technicians at Setpoint Integrated Solutions.

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