• HPX™ Rupture Disc by Continental Disc/Groth Corp.
  • Ideal for Liquid or Gas/Vapor applications
  • Available in a wide range of burst ratings, 1” to 8” sizes and a variety of materials
  • Offers proven performance in excess of a quarter million pressure-to-vacuum cycles
  • Available in 90% or 95% operating ratio
Rupture Disc

The HPX® Double Disc Holder manufactured by Groth Corporation®  consists of three holder components: an inlet, a mid-flange and an outlet piece, in order to accommodate two HPX® Rupture Discs. The first of the two HPX® Rupture Discs is located between the inlet and the mid-flange, and the second HPX® Rupture Disc is between the mid-flange and outlet. This assembly arrangement of holder components and rupture discs provides the solution to multiple applications without the need of a more complicated piping arrangement.

Common uses of the HPX® Double Disc assembly are for rupture disc leak detection, as an actuated rapid opening device and for the elimination of back pressure.

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