• Ideal for applications where relief vapors must be piped to header
  • Hand lapped seats ensure compliance with API 2000 seat leakage requirements
  • Modular design for easy and quick maintenance
  • Available with optional interior/exterior painting or coating
  • Sizes 2″ through 12″
  • Pressure settings 0.5 oz/in2 to 15 PSIG
  • Vacuum settings 0.5 oz/in2 to 12 PSIG
  • Available in aluminum (type 356), carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials
  • Modular construction
Pressure / Vacuum

The Groth Model 1220A is used for pressure and vacuum relief where vapors must be piped away. Special pallets in the Model 1220A housing virtually eliminate the intake of air and the escape of vapors except during normal tank breathing, thus reducing the loss of product and protecting the tank from possible damage. Escaping vapors are piped away through a flanged outlet connection. This helps to provide increased fire protection and safety.

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