3000 Series Blanket Gas Regulators by Groth Corporation®

  • Simple operation, spring-loaded “push-push” balanced piston design
  • Bubble-tight shut-off
  • Variable orifice, field-adjustable flow capacity
  • Single stage regulator
  • Setting ranges from 0.5 InWC to 15 psig
  • Set pressure is field adjustable
  • Modulating opening
  • Minimal lockup and droop

The simple design of a Groth blanket gas regulator eliminates the need for a multiple regulator system or complicated pilot operated blanketing valves. Groth units have totally balanced chambers to offer high accuracy and reliability, and ensure a leak-tight design without the need for a pilot valve to operate the unit, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Eleven models are available. Contact the product manager to learn more.

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