Pneumatic Actuator Repair & Testing

Setpoint Integrated Solutions provides full inspection, testing, repair, and documentation of pneumatic actuators for on/off and control applications, either in-shop or on-site. Our technicians work with a wide array of actuator styles and brands (including Automax, A-T Controls, Bray, Flo-Tork, K-Tork, and QTRCO) to fully test and repair or replace positioners, limit switches, solenoid valves, diaphragms, seal assemblies, push rods, o-ring seals, valve mountings, and related electronic control systems. We also handle retrofits when required.

Recent pneumatic valve actuator design technology permits successful execution of electronic control system instructions needed to accurately control flow, and assists plant maintenance engineers and managers looking to reduce operational costs and downtime. Setpoint Integrated Solutions understands the importance of peak performing process equipment, and can service your pneumatic actuator in house or in the field for utmost operational efficiency.

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