Line & Block Valve Testing & Repair

BlockSetpoint Integrated Solutions provides complete inspection, testing, repair, documentation, and service of line and block-type valves, either in-shop or on-site. Our technicians work with a wide array of valve styles and brands to fully test and repair stems, bonnet assemblies, seals, balls, handles, seats and contacts, o-rings, and threading. Our service capabilities include the revulcanization, modification or conversion of large diameter elastomer lined butterfly valves. Because valve failure can be cataclysmic, Setpoint Integrated Solutions can handle the entire reconditioning of block valves or components to meet or surpass OEM standards, giving you the confidence you require to keep your operation running smoothly.

Our block valve service includes leak testing, run out testing, wear testing, disk, contact checking, valve assembly and reconditioning, machining, and inline diagnostics.

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