In-Line Diagnostic Testing

EVTSetpoint Integrated Solutions specializes in on-site control valve, safety valve and relief valve testing, using state-of-the-art electronic tools such as the Dresser Consolidated Electronic Valve Tester (EVT) and the Masoneilan ValVue to effectively identify valves in need of service without requiring operational downtime. With EVT and ValVue, Setpoint Integrated Solutions can save your plant thousands of dollars by ensuring valves operate at peak efficiency and meet all safety requirements. In addition, we have the ability to detect critical repair needs before breakdown. As a result, you increase operational profitability by repairing valves with virtually no plant downtime.

The Electronic Valve Tester is an intrinsically safe diagnostic tool that provides accurate determination of spring loaded safety and safety relief valve set pressure without having to remove the valve from service.

Masoneilan line of microprocessor based SMART positioners are equipped with a full breadth of diagnostic features designed to establish a base line performance signature that can be compared to future performance signatures both graphically and empirically establishing the current health of a control valve. Base line signatures are established off line utilizing Masoneilan ValVue interface software where the control valves must be out of service or in by-pass in order to perform the diagnostic routine.
Masoneilan also offers their newest line of control valve diagnostic software with ValVue OVD (online valve diagnostic) providing real-time control valve diagnostics and analysis with out disturbing normal process plant operations. It is the latest addition to the ValVue Suite of products, and provides the customer with a unique diagnostics solution. ValVue OVD is the first tool that provides real-time monitoring, diagnoses and analysis of any control valve with HART or Foundation Fieldbus positioner technology, regardless of Manufacturer. ValVue OVD can be integrated into the plant asset management system to monitor all valves within the process. It allows the customer a window into the control valve improving plant integrity, operating efficiencies, and insures process uptime, resulting in reduced operational expenditures and increased plant profitability.

Setpoint Integrated Solutions thoroughly tests control valves, safety valves and relief valves to ASME standards, and can provide full findings documentation and reporting.
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