Setpoint Integrated Solutions' Line Sheet

Control Valves
Post Guided: Masoneilan
Rotary: Masoneilan
Reciprocating: Masoneilan
Pressure/ Safety Relief
Blanketing: Cashco • Burling • Masoneilan • Spirax Sarco
Electromatic Ball: Consolidated
Pilot Operated: Consolidated
Pressure/Vacuum Relief: Burling • Cashco • Consolidated • Richter
Gate Valves
Cast: Newco • OIC
Forged: Hancock • RPC • Stockham • Vogt
Knife: Fabri (ITT) • Frisch
Slide: Frisch • ValvTechnologies
Globe Valves
Cast: Newco • OIC
Forged: Hancock • RPC • Stockham • Vogt
Check Valves
Cast Swing: Newco • OIC • RitePro
Forged: Stockham • RPC • Vogt
Piston: Stockham • RPC • Vogt
Tilting Disc: Valmatic
Dual Plate: Valmatic Ball
Check: Stockham • Vogt
Ball Valves
Floating: Apollo • Flow-Tek • ITT • Kitz • Triac
Trunnion: PBV 
Severe Service: ValvTechnologies • Gosco
Hi Alloy: Noble • Red Point • TBV
Lined: Atomac
Butterfly Valves
Resilient Seated: Ultraflo • Val-Matic
Lined: Durco • Ultraflo
High Performance: Durco • Neway
Triple Offset: Neway
Damper BFV: Frisch
Gate: Frisch
Automation: Type-K
Rack & Pinion: Automax • Triac • Rotork 
Vane: K-Tork
Scotch Yoke: Automax • AT-Controls • Rotork
Linear: ATI • Masoneilan • Rotork
Rotary: Rotork
Multi-Turn: Rotork
Scotch Yoke: Automax • Rotork
Linear: ATI • Rotork
HPU’s: ATI • Rotork
Rack & Pinion: Flotork • Rotork
Automation Accessories
Positioners: Automax • Masoneilan
Limit Switches: Automax • Norgren Herion
Solenoid Valves: Norgren Herion
Override Gears: Rotork
Tube Fittings: SSP
Air Regulators: ControlAir • Masoneilan
Transducers: AST • ControlAir • Masoneilan
Diaphragm: ITT
Bellows: Shaw
Cavity Filled: Flow-Tek • Kitz • Triac
Lined Control: Durco
Steam Isolation
Low Pressure: Klinger (Piston)
High Pressure: Hancock • ValvTechnologies
Instrument Valves
Needle: Alco • Flo-Lok • SSP
Manifold: Alco • SSP
DB&B: Alco
MonoFlanges: Alco
Instrument Accessories
Fittings: IPT • New Age • SSP
Sampling: Alta-Robbin • Biar • Hydrospin
Tubing: NewAge • Tubacex • Webco
Tubing Support: Channel Track • SeaSafe
Measurement Flow: ABB • Ashcroft • GPI • Jacoby Tarbow • Krohne • Veris
Level: Jerguson • Jogler • Krohne • Masoneilan • American Sensor Technologies
Pressure: ABB • Ashcroft
Temperature: ABB • Ashcroft
Emissions: Monitor Labs
Strainers: SpiraxSarco
Traps: SpiraxSarco
Pilot: Norgren Herion
Solenoid: Norgren Herion
Analytical: ABB • Monitor Labs • EONE
Connectivity & Wireless: TURCK • Banner • ELTAV
Data Acquisition: ABB
Control Systems, Safety Systems & UPS: ABB • AMBRIT • HIMA • Cyberex
Control & Pressure Relief Valves: Inventory Management, Certification, Documentation, Repair & Statutory Compliance
Instrumentation: Inventory Management, Certification, Documentation, Repair & Statutory Compliance
Sight Glass Services: Repair, Testing, Reconditioning & Documentation Services & Replacement Parts
Steam Trap Services: Surveys, Diagnostics, Application Support, Removal/ Installation & Documentation
In-house Oil Testing & Purification Services
Air, Lube, Fuel, Hydraulic & Coolant Filtration: Baldwin • Donaldson • Cummins • Enginaire • AAF
Air Handling/HVAC: American Air Filter • Flanders • Koch • Polyester Fibres • Glasfloss • Camfil Farr
Air Pre-Cleaners: Turbo/Maradyne
Back Washable Filtration: Amiad
Bag, Cartridge, & Strainer Filters: Pentair • FSI • Filtration Systems • Knight • Watts
Bag & Cartridge Vessels/In-Line Strainers: Pentair/Krystal Klear • FSI • Filtration Systems • Nowata
Fuel/Water/Particle Separation Filtration: Kaydon • Waterguard • RCI Technologies • Racor
High Efficiency Bypass Filtering Systems: Puradyn
Spill Control/Material Handling Products: Spilltech
Water/Process Filtration: Pentek/PentairAqua Pure • Cuno • Watts/Flowmatic • Harmsco • Nowata
Rental Filtration: 5 to 20,000 GPM • High Pressure/High Temperature • Bag & Cartridge Vessels • Portable Filter Carts • Vacuum Dehydrators • Diesel Fuel/Water Separators • Oil/Water Separators • Electrostatic Oil Cleaners • Coalescers
ValScope/Benchmark Diagnostics: In House or In Line Control Valve Diagnostics (Computer Generated Test & Documentation)
ValveKeep II: Equipment, Part and Maintenance Record Management
Coker Valves: Fully Authorized "Velan” Delayed Coker Valve Shops, (Switch Valves, Isolation Valves & Actuation Repairs)
Control Valves: Complete Repair, Control Valve Diagnostics (ValScope/Benchmark), Removal & Installation, Loop Diagnostics, Equipment Surveys & Documentation
Electric Valve & Pneumatic Actuators: Inspection Service, Repair, Testing & Documentation; In-Shop or On-Site
Electronic Valve Testing: In-Line Computer Assisted Safety & Relief Testing
Line & Block Valves: Complete Repair & Testing of Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Ball & Butterfly
Mobile Field Repair: Total Valve Machining, Welding, Repair & Testing
On-Site (VR) On-Site Machining: Flange Re-Facing, In-Line Boring, Valve Seat Regrinding/ Polishing, etc.
Pipe Fabrication: Custom Pipe Fabrication Services
Safety & Safety Relief Valves: National Board VR Repair & Recalibration to ASME Standards
Tank Vents & Flame Arresters: Repair & Testing Services; In-Shop or On-Site
Valve Repacking Services: Hydraulic Packing Removal, Factory Authorized Garlock, Slade & Argo Installer
Welding: ASME Section IX Code



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